IGPA is presently engaged in a thorough examination of Nepal’s public procurement process, with a specific focus on the National Pride Projects. The study aims to assess the current levels of transparency and accountability in public procurement, underscoring the importance of open contracting for public expenditure. Fundamentally, the study seeks to unearth existing information points to enhance knowledge sources for the public. Recognizing transparency and accountability as fundamental to democracy, this study advocates for enhancing their current status, accompanied by a policy-level analysis that encourages the development of appropriate policies. In addition to presenting research findings, IGPA will actively work to disseminate information to the public and champion policy reforms by engaging with high-level stakeholders and key ministrie

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Public Private Dialogue in Budhiganga Rural Municipality for Social Impact (Ongoing)

IGPA's ongoing study focuses on exploring public-private partnerships for Budhiganga Rural Municipality, Nepal. With its strategic location, diverse industries, and incentives for businesses, the municipality has great potential for Nepal's industrial sector. The study aims to achieve various objectives, including establishing an innovation hub to support entrepreneurs, implementing a tax credit program for eco-friendly businesses,…