Institute for Government and Public Affairs (IGPA) is a policy and research think tank dedicated to contributing evidence-based insight for advancing Nepal's economy and improving the state of governance and public affairs at various levels of the government. Our endeavours are deeply rooted in the idea of participatory governance to set progressive narratives regarding good governance, free enterprise, and investment in human capital growth such that Nepal embarks on a path to economic and social prosperity.

IGPA is a non-profit that contributes to setting and refining policy reform agendas on participatory governance, equality, justice,  infrastructure, labour market, and strategic affairs.


IGPA strives to be the nation's leading changemaker in the arena of governance by changing the concept of a 'think tank' to a 'change tank.'


To understand the complicities of 21st-century governance and develop transformative ideas to reform the society


  1. Pioneer cutting-edge research and analysis in the nation to develop a leadership role in the interdisciplinary governance  domain
  2. Ensure that IGPA has a transformative impact on good governance and practice
  3. Develop programs to make the government accountable, transparent and inclusive
Our Teams

Our Expert People Will Help You

Our team at the research and think tank organisation is made up of a group of highly motivated and talented individuals, each with a unique skill set and area of expertise. We are passionate about staying at the forefront of research and innovation, and are constantly exploring new ideas and approaches to solve complex problems. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, including academia, industry, and government, and we believe that this diversity of experience and perspective is one of our greatest strengths. Together, we work collaboratively to develop and implement innovative solutions that have the potential to transform society and improve people’s lives.